my geeky bf <3 

 xvi3tsand recite the green lantern oath

moniii: hahahahahah
    night day thing

 xvi3ts: we are not amused

moniii: hahahahahahhahahaha
    im sorry

 xvi3ts: theres a black lantern
    how awesome

moniii: in brightest day, in blackest night..

 xvi3ts: no evil shall escape my sight

moniii: :-D
    i am awesome

 xvi3ts: continue please

moniii: let those who worship evil’s might

 xvi3ts: beware my power

moniii: green lantern’s light!

 xvi3ts: you have no idea
    how happy i am right now
    man im a geek =[


 xvi3ts: that was amazing

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Umm, listening to Lykke Li reminds me of f21.

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<3 Snorlax

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So excited for Vegas!!! This song reminds me of the last time we went in Sept 2010. Last minute spontaneous trip! People throwing dollar bills in the air. Me and Ana grabbing it like crazy asians. haha <3 i do miss us :) 


Things to do in 2011.

[PASSED!] Disneyland on Chinese New Year. **Instead, multiple visits to downtown disney with my favs :) 

[BOOKED!] Hawaii in June. **For my bday, huan’s early bday, celebrate our 4 years <3 <3 <3 

[ ] New York in December. **Gonna use my free flight for this :)

[BOOKED!] Comic-con in July. **I hope i get to see the cast of BBT

[BOOKED!] EDC in June. **3 day ticket..someone go sunday for me..

[ ] Painting or photography class during year off. 

[ ] Oh yeah. Study for grad. 

[ ] Work in SF.

[ ] I almost forgot. Learn French or Italian. oui? si!

"We should shop for groceries like this” - HP

^hahaha I think I would die from laughing so hard if I witness this. 

Herro there!

I almost forgot the existence of tumblr, which would’ve been awesome for me to vent about Winter Quarter. But life is getting better now, and I’m looking forward to so many things this year!!!!!! Graduation, romantic getaway, summer back at home, and WEDDING!!!! 

Dear World, this is going to be my first time being a bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding. Please help me learn how to walk in heels and not fall face first. If this is the case, at least have Huan catch me <3. Thank goodness I won’t have to worry about that until November :). 

Beginning with Spring Quarter, I kidnapped a friend from SJ to Irvine, since it was her spring break. We basically drank every night and ate out. Seriously need to go back to the arc before Hawaii!! ;) Anyways, this makes me realize how much I’m going to miss the food places and nice bartenders far away from the san jose AZNs. Definitely, going to miss taking classes at a UC and my socal friends. But still, I miss home as boring as it is. I miss my family and bf, so I decided to drive back home during the first weekend. My mom was away in Hawaii and my sister was at Reno, but it felt nice knowing I got to spend a little more time with my bf even though he had to work til 6pm that week…

Second week felt like it went by faster. I got to see ANALY on wednesday and it’s been MONTHS!!! I miss my TEHEHEHE buddy, who used to get boba with me all the time and BC! :) We went to downtown disney to get her another pookalooz and got some beignets! So good!!! We were also suppose to go to vegas this weekend, but maybe next time or edc perhaps! I’m really excited for our next play date next week with some hot pot and boba hopping for mee!!! haha :) <3 

On thursday, I went to eat sushi with my classmate for her late birthday dinner. I just remembered we were suppose to dress cutesy, but the weather got cold and ugly. :( 

On friday, I finally got a break from viet2c with no test until next monday. I got to hang out with my roomie at bc again because no meat on fridays :( . We also had tastea, since it’s close by. Stopped by albertsons for some liquor to make some mix drinks. It was a pretty fun friday for staying in during a thunderstorm. We made some cactus cooler, amaretto sour, fuzzy navel, and bare ass. She definitely can outdrink me, but only because seafood and hard liquor becomes my weakness. 

This weekend was different only because I used to have the entire apartment to myself. It’s a bit terrifying, but I enjoy company. :) Nothing interesting happened, but it’s time to take Zyrtec since I am currently suffering from allergies every single night. Time to pass out and dream about wooyoung haha <3 

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